We are not alone!

Just the other day I was chatting with fellow sailor, and marine technician, Stephen Jalickee and he mentioned that he had been following and chatting with a remarkable person who was very close by…. so I decided to follow up…

Yesterday we crossed the path of Jeanne Socrates on the sailing vessel Nereida. We were about 100 miles west of her and experiencing the end of the storm system she mentioned in her blog the day before.

Jeanne is a 76-year-old British yachtswoman who holds the record as the oldest woman to circumnavigate the world solo and unassisted and is the only woman to circumnavigate solo from North America. She was awarded the Cruising Club of America’s Blue Water Medal in 2013. Currently, she is attempting to become the oldest person to circumnavigate the world solo and unassisted. That record is held by a Japanese man, Minoru Saito who was 71 years old when he accomplished it.

Jeanne expects to be at sea for 7 to 8 months nonstop and plans to get back to her starting point without any outside help or the use of her motor. The motor is sealed so it will be obvious if she uses it. If she manages this without setting foot on land or using the boat's engine, she will hold the record for the oldest person to sail solo around the world, non-stop and unassisted.

After leaving British Columbia October 3, 2018, Jeanne successfully navigated around Cape Horn in December. She sailed past our current location two days ago. The photo below is from her blog.

Jeanne round the world.jpg

Sailing septuagenarians! Go Jeanne!

Slackjaw Sally